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Thanks for visiting my web site gallery. All the works in this gallery are original works. Similar works may have been created in larger sizes for commissions, and are in private collections. I often work in subject-matter series. Most of my work is on archival paper, and all watercolor noted is archival. I work in watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, colored markers, printer’s ink, and graphite, often in combination. Some of the work is acrylic or oil paint, on board, canvas paper, or canvas. Pricing reflects the size of the work and the archival nature of the surface.
Please contact me with any questions, interest in Room Portraits commissions, or other commissioned work.
My Instagram site is logueimages. On Instagram I place sketches, unfinished work, new ideas – many of those images will be moved to this web site when work is completed, but many will not. Please contact me if you see anything on Instagram that interests you.